Staying best friends in a pandemic

By Audre and Yanahui, age 9

Third grade? Nuh-uh. It was horrible. We only got to go to school 2 times a week. The rest was on a computer. But now it is fourth grade. A new year. A responsible year. For everyone else. The relief we had at the beginning of fourth grade? We (Audre & Yanahui*pronounced yeah-nah-wee*) were in the same class. We have been besties since kindergarten. We were so happy! Except during Covid 19. We had to wear masks, and use dividers during lunch and snack. DIVIDERS!!

We had to use dividers during lunch and snack. DIVIDERS!!

But we were together…that’s what matters. During the school year, we learned how to draw better from each other, and we decided to help the environment by picking up trash with our classmates. We were reunited!! Then, Omicron hit. Our friendship was strong but people were double masking and things were getting scary. We joined a group at school called Active Citizens. It’s where you help the younger grades during recess. Sadly, we did it on different days. On Tuesday, Yanahui was lonely because Audre was junior-coaching. Audre was lonely while Yanahui was doing it on Thursday. But we all will get through this. We will stand!!!