By Milo, Age 11

When the pandemic hit, I had no idea what was going on but I knew I was scared. After a while I got a spark…a spark of hope. 

Growing up, I have always loved to play soccer. I started playing at age 2 and have played ever since. When Covid-19 hit the US, soccer got shut down and when I was at home, I couldn’t watch soccer either because that was shut down. When soccer got shut down, I had no choice but to practice in my backyard. After about three months of training in my yard, I was able to play with my team. Sadly, it was indoor soccer so we had to wear a mask. Masks were a challenge especially when they got wet. Even with masks, we managed to win the league. Months later, after the vaccine was developed, I got my first dose and I felt much safer. Without soccer, I would have no hope because it has kept me going throughout the pandemic.