By Emma, Age 10

A book that makes me feel Finally Seen is Smile by Raina Telgemeier. The main character has dental problems, including braces, getting teeth knocked out or pulled out. As someone who doesn’t feel comfortable with my teeth, I can relate to this book. Even though I don’t have braces yet I’ve always had problems with my teeth. When I was younger I would always get made fun of for having teeth separated or having an overbite. This would always make me feel alone, embarrassed & sad. Even now I still don’t feel comfortable with my teeth or having an overbite. Another problem I struggle with is comparing my teeth to others. Even now I compare my teeth to others by seeing if their teeth are straighter than mine or not. Seeing this in Smile makes me feel included and seen. Another problem I can relate to in Smile is friendships. In elementary school, I’ve always had a best friend or someone I’m very close with. It’s hard sometimes to keep a friendship going or breaking friendships up. All these problems make me included & not alone anymore. One thing I have learned from tough friendships and mean comments is to be you!

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