Smaller Sister

By Daphne, Age 11

The book that made me feel seen is Smaller Sister. That’s my book because it talks a lot about the sister-sister relationship, and when I read the book, I was having trouble with mine. I also like the book because even though it’s a comic book, it also talks about things like weight, illness, family problems, bullying, and moving which are all things people can feel bad about except it gives a bright side to most. 

1. You should be comfortable with your weight because it’s just another part of you

2. Family problems are inevitable, and you know everybody else wants to make up too

3. Moving is almost always for a great reason 

4. When somebody bullies you, they usually reflect hard feelings for themselves onto you, and if not, you know who your true friends are

But, it also includes things like humor and everyday problems that almost anyone can relate to. Smaller Sister made me feel more seen because I can relate to it on many different levels.

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