Sledding with friends

By Max, Age 11

During the last snowfall, I got together with a couple of my friends who I hadn’t seen in person
for about two years, and they were both so tall! It reminded me right away of how much time
had passed since I saw them both. There were so many things that were different, not just their
height, but they looked different. There were things that were the same though, like how they
acted, and the fact that we had a good time. We sledded down one hill for a little bit, but the walk up the hill was very long. So we sat at the top of the hill for a little bit and just talked, and then we went over to a different hill nearby and sledded some more. The sledding was pretty fun, but the time together was better. I think it would be fun if I got together with them again and we could just sit down, maybe with some board games or something to do, and maybe with lunch, and just talk. It was really fun, and it made me hopeful for the future when we will get to meet up more and hang out. I really always have fun when I get to hang out with my friends and talk. I missed that during the pandemic.