Separated by an ocean

By Olive, Age 11

Everyone’s having the time of their lives. It’s almost spring break and we were meeting my sister, Emmi, in Chicago for her birthday. Then suddenly, the dangerous pandemic we’d been watching on the news hit
us. My family and I were worried, the schools closed, and everyone had to do school online. My eldest sister is in University in London. Covid hadn’t hit England yet, but we knew we had to get her
to America, and we did, the day the borders between England and America closed!! She didn’t know
when she would see Nara, her girlfriend, or when she would go back to England. We made the most of covid; being together as a family, we even got ducklings, which were the BEST
thing ever. Finally Emmi had to return back to England after five precious, but scary months together, but it was fine. We’d see her again for Christmas…but, Christmas became spring break, then her 21st Birthday, which became the end of Summer. After thirteen long months apart, she came back to America via Croatia and we were reunited once again!