Second pets

By Victoria, age 11

When the start of 2021 began, I really wanted another dog. I wanted my dog Banana to have a sibling. Of course my parents said no. So I began to research. We came to the conclusion of a pet hamster, hoping that it would replace a dog. I had to pay for everything and I wasn’t ready for the total. I had to spend $200 in total. I used my Christmas money to pay it off. When I got her, I named her Nugget. She was a good hamster. She loved being around people. I gave her the most gourmet meals.

I gave my hamster the most gourmet meals.

But Banana was scared of her. Later in November of 2021, Nugget passed away. I was devastated. Then 2022 started. My mom’s birthday was coming up. We decided to get another dog for her birthday, a cockapoo to be exact. We gave it to my mom as a birthday present. She was very happy. Her name is Milly and everyone loves her. Milly is 3 months old and is very smart. She’s very intelligent. She’s potty trained and can do some tricks. In the end, we got a puppy after all!