School’s Out?

By Brayley, Age 10

It all started on a regular Friday. Well, it started out regularly. I was sitting on the side of my marshmallow bed making a beautiful necklace. It had blue and gre–suddenly, my brother ran in. He panting and sweating.

“Brayley! Brayley!” he yelled. “Check this out!”

I started reading the article on my mom’s phone: “The school of CWC Hollywood will be excused for school until 4th grade.” I stopped reading.

“WE ARE NOT HAVING SCHOOL FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“Hear the news?” My mom said, “No more school.”

For some reason, everyone I saw was sad. Everywhere people were sad. I hoped something bad didn’t happen. At dinner, my mom and dad announced the bad news.

“I have some terrible news. You know how school is like…canceled?” she said.

Me and my brothers nodded.

“Well it’s canceled for a reason. There’s this thing called covid-19.” she went on and on about covid symptoms, and how we need to wear masks everywhere.

“What do we do?” My brother asked.

“Hope is a strength. Not a weakness.”

“Keep our hope.” My mom said, as we went into a group hug. “Hope is a strength. Not a weakness.”