School’s back?

By Cadence, Age 11

This was the day! We were finally going back to in-person school! I was so excited; it had been almost a year since we were in school. I remember the first time I had heard about COVID. It was in 4th grade, my class was waiting outside of the Chinese classroom, and while the other class was coming out, I heard my friend joking about some sort of virus in China, saying it was important. I remembered it started with a C. Around 4 months later I had been hearing more about it, how it was coming to the U.S, and stuff like that. And that day specifically (March 13th) was more important. While me and my friend were working with a book under a table. I told her what I overheard the teachers saying earlier. I don’t remember the exact details. I remember one of them saying something about hearing on the radio that the school systems superintendent was talking about school shutting down for 2 weeks. Later that day, we got the news that we couldn’t come back for a bit. It was longer than we thought. But now, after a year, we can finally come back!