School Blues

By Nettie, Age 10

Online learning was BIG (and to be honest a bit exciting!) but soon enough, I started to feel isolated and, kind of blank. It felt like the same thing every day (unless we did a Kahoot). My dad was my teacher so whenever we were in the same meeting, we had to be on opposite sides of the apartment or there would be an echo. Sometime in June, my family moved to a house and my brother and I FINALLY got our own rooms! Shortly after that we started hybrid school. We went to school, but only for half the day and we had to wear masks. Plus, it wasn’t with our whole class, just little cohorts. Online learning made me appreciate having the privilege to go to school a lot more than before. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to go to online school every day, or not being able to go to school at all.