Room to Dream

By James, Age 10

Because of many stories, I have felt finally seen, but Room to Dream takes the cake. This is a great story that I can relate to, because it is about Mia going to China to visit her parents, and she has to come through a lot of differences and obstacles so that she can get used to living in China. And although she struggles a lot, she also spends a lot of quality time with her cousins, including her favorite, Shen. She also thinks about her life in America and how it is different from life in China. Mia also notices that many small businesses are being replaced by larger buildings and businesses. Similarly, I have finally felt seen, because there are more books relating to my culture, like Room to Dream, and the book talks about some of her experiences in China as well. For example, Mia doesn’t know where the bathrooms are, and is confused at first, just like me. I also like writing, just like Mia. And just like Mia, I love going after my dreams, even if it’s not easy. That is why the book Room to Dream makes me feel finally seen.

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