Room to Dream

By Sitina, Age 10

Kelly Yang is an amazing author who wrote many books which are read by many people worldwide. One of the many things she is known for is her Front Desk series. I love all of her books, but the third book of the Front Desk series would be my overall favorite. Room to Dream is special to me and makes me “feel seen” mostly because of Mia’s family visit. When she visited her family, she was excited to show them new things that she had thought were only in America. I also had the same experience. I thought that the country I was visiting was less advanced, but they had almost everything we had in America.

Another thing that made me feel seen was that just like Mia, I was dreaming big, but things didn’t work out as planned. But like her, I kept trying and I eventually achieved my goal. The second main reason why I love Mia is because of her outgoing confident personality. She isn’t afraid to reach for her dreams and in my eyes, I really see what I want to be in Mia. She cares about all the people in her life which is very compassionate.

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