Returning from Disney World

By Chase, age 12

It all began a few weeks after I returned from Walt Disney World. My fellow classmates and I were almost done with our school year, and we were going to have a big celebration.  We were about to move up to our district’s middle school the next school year! But then… Boom! Covid came and ruined all of our lives. It took away our sports, shopping sprees, family get-togethers, Christmas’s, family reunions, and many more events that we loved and cherished. This new virus also took away our senses, feelings, and loved ones. Fast forward two years and I am now in 6th grade. It’s great to see all my friends again. Although I met new people on a FaceTiming app I still couldn’t see my best friends or leave my house on a daily basis for such a long time. Going back to school has given me hope.

Going back to school has given me hope.

 I’m looking forward to the upcoming holidays, so I can see all of my family! Although these years have been tough on our lives, it has also made us stronger and appreciate the little things. 

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