Real Friends

By Lakin, Age 12

In a lot of books I’ve read, the main character was nothing like me. Different experiences, different mindset, different struggles. But when I read Real Friends, I felt like the main character, Shannon, was just like me. She struggled with many of the same anxieties I did, and had lots of issues with her friendships. I felt this so deeply. The year I read Real Friends, I’d been struggling with feeling alone, having lost my two best friends the previous year. I didn’t know what to do. I found new friends later that year, but I’ll never forget feeling like I was alone, all my friends either gone or trying their best to not be kind to me. I connected with the girl in the book so much. I had a lot of anxiety that year, and while a lot of it has faded somewhat, I still remember what it was like to say things, then anxiously worry if it was the right thing to say. I still remember the worry and anxiety I had. Shannon in Real Friends was the one of the first characters to help me feel finally seen.

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