Real Friends

By Eva, Age 11

I relate to these books in so many ways. I relate to these books because last year, I felt like I was around a lot of toxicity and I couldn’t find my tribe. I was a social floater who found a friend group, and once I was in it, it was hard to get out. I kept hanging around them and just kept feeding into what they were saying and doing, even if they were sometimes mean to other kids. I was around them for so long, that I became meaner and meaner and became somewhat a bully to the quote on quote ‘unpopular kids’. I also felt like a third wheel and never truly accepted me, and I wanted to leave so bad, but it was hard until I found real friends this year. That’s where I am now. I now got separated from them over the summer, and I have real friends who are nice and kind, but now I just don’t know what everything means and I question everything. These books highlight the kind of stuff me and other kids might be experiencing, and that makes me finally feel seen.

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