Quarantine over time

By Ava, Age 10

Before quarantine I was in third grade. I was in class and my teacher said that we were going to eat lunch inside the classroom because of covid. Three days later we went home. We all thought we were going to go back on May 1st but it didn’t end up that way. Instead we stayed on Zoom for the year and it was horrible. In 4th grade I moved schools and everything changed but I wish covid wasn’t a thing. When covid had first started, I didn’t really understand what it was all about. When I went places I didn’t really think that COVID was a big deal. I didn’t know why we had to wear masks. This one time I went to the store and we didn’t have masks so we wore scarves around our faces. My scarf fell down but I didn’t put it back up. My mom made me put it back up. Now I realize how important it is to wear a mask. I would watch the news and get scared. Now I feel safe, life is getting better.