Prisoner of Covid 

By Thienanh, Age 11

When the pandemic hit, I was really happy that I could sleep in. It was like I was in a dream… but of course reality had to hit. When I started online school, it was the worst. Sometimes I didn’t understand and would get frustrated. Zoom calls were also the worst. It would be so glitchy and it would feel like I was in the 1980’s where the technology would be so glitchy. One time, I cried about not understanding an assignment. My dad was also really scared about me and my sister getting Covid so we would rarely get out. My dad always bought a lot of toilet paper so we wouldn’t run out. I felt like days repeated again

I always hoped that Covid would get better

and again but I always hoped that Covid would get better. After a while though, I started to lose hope. I was accepting fate. I thought I would always be stuck in the house almost like a prisoner doing schoolwork again and again. My teacher would send us bloopers from her teaching videos which would make me laugh. It made me feel a little joy, which made my hope spark.