Prairie Lotus

By Rachel, Age 10

I connect with the book, Prairie Lotus. Prairie Lotus is about a girl Hanna who is determined to become a dressmaker for her father’s dress shop no matter what it takes. Hanna is successful and works hard in school, and at least wants to make one new friend. Hanna immigrated from Los Angeles to Dakota Territory after her mother passed away. Her father wanted a fresh start, and so they went to Dakota
Territory. Hanna was half Chinese and half white. People thought she was very different, but Hanna didn’t really do anything back to them. I relate to Prairie Lotus because I also have trouble making friends and I am determined to do what my goals and dreams are. I try to be the best I can in school. Sometimes, people think I’m really weird, or sometimes people think that I’m embarrassing, but to me, it doesn’t really matter.

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