Pods are a small price to pay

By Ridhi, age 10

After many hard months of the pandemic, I finally got to see all of my friends! Wearing a mask at school was uncomfortable, but if that was what it took to meet my friends each day at school, I would do it. To think, Covid lasted for more than two whole years, creating a horrible pandemic. Each quarter of the school year, we would change pods. The next quarter ends in March, so I will get a new pod again. I am happy the way I am. On Feb 25, 2022, I have 2 big projects due, which is why I don’t want that day to

I can’t just skip things or let them scare me.

come, but I can’t just skip it or let it scare me. Although I am fully vaccinated. Covid can still make me afraid. I just hope Covid will end soon. Once it does, there will be no more masks, no not doing anything because of Covid. If everyone does their part, Covid-19 will be defeated very soon!