Panic at Big Sky

By Pascal, Age 9

We had just been skiing in Big Sky Montana, when we decided to go on the backside of the mountain, when we encountered new challenges that faced in our path.

Our family had been wanting to go on the heated seats with wind protectors for a while now when suddenly we were gliding down the slippery slopes of Big  Sky’s resort when I noticed that I was way far ahead from my friends and family. I stopped with a skid looking behind and watching everyone still going down the hill zigzagging along the side of the snowy hillside “phew”.

Later that day we were tired and wanting to go home we started to wait in line for Swift Current, (the fastest lift) when we were almost close to the front of the line when I noticed it was going slow “CRIKEY” I whispered to myself.

We all started to panic and the conductor of Swift Currents told everyone “THERE’S A MINOR MECHANICAL PROBLEM!” 

We were all forced to leave and so close. We decided to eat lunch, a bagel and something more. Mom asked dad to check the lift and it was working. We all went home to our house.