What's Your Pandemic Story?

Read the Pandemic Stories of Children All Over the World!

We asked kids to submit their "What's Your Pandemic Story?" and here were their responses...

The groundhog that helped me

By Scout, age 9

One day, I was opening up my computer to go to school, as usual. Then I heard a noise. I live out in the country by the state park so I have a big backyard with a leaning tree. I went to check it out. Down by the roots, I saw a den. As I started investigating the den, out ran a little animal!  Instinctively, it ran without question. Then it stopped. I ran to go get my mom. I asked her what she thought it was. She said she thought it was a groundhog. Then I declared his name Fred. Sometimes we would leave out carrots and when we came to look, he was sitting outside his den eating them.

Sometimes we would leave out carrots and when we came to look, he was sitting outside his den eating them.

He could finish a small carrot in five seconds, flat. We never really bothered him too much, but we loved him.

All because of a bar

By Jacob, age 11

It was June 5 2020. My sister, mom and I went for our run. My dad was at work. Afterwards, my mom came home from the grocery store because we needed some food. She bought these healthy bars that were sesame free and gluten free. But they weren’t flax free. I am anaphylactic to all nuts and seeds. And I ate the whole thing. My tongue was itchy, my throat was itchy, and I started throwing up. My mom (who is a nurse) gave me my usual EPI pen, and I thought all was good. But it didn’t stop. My mom brought me to the hospital, and gave me MORE epinephrine, and I almost got sick because of it. Thankfully, all the medicine did work. After that, we had to go to my uncle’s apartment for a week, while my dad had to stay at the house, because we were doing major renovations. Then my birthday came around. Even though I couldn’t see my friends, my parents still brought the fun.

My birthday came around. Even though I couldn’t see my friends, my parents still brought the fun.

I got a gaming keyboard and mouse. Even though this pandemic has had its ups and downs, I still made a lot of memories.

Pods are a small price to pay

By Ridhi, age 10

After many hard months of the pandemic, I finally got to see all of my friends! Wearing a mask at school was uncomfortable, but if that was what it took to meet my friends each day at school, I would do it. To think, Covid lasted for more than two whole years, creating a horrible pandemic. Each quarter of the school year, we would change pods. The next quarter ends in March, so I will get a new pod again. I am happy the way I am. On Feb 25, 2022, I have 2 big projects due, which is why I don’t want that day to

I can’t just skip things or let them scare me.

come, but I can’t just skip it or let it scare me. Although I am fully vaccinated. Covid can still make me afraid. I just hope Covid will end soon. Once it does, there will be no more masks, no not doing anything because of Covid. If everyone does their part, Covid-19 will be defeated very soon!

How A Worm Saved Us

By Katie, age 8

It was spring of 2021 when my friend, Ella and I were roller blading down our street and we spotted a dried worm in the middle of the road. We told our brothers and another friend who came over to check it out. Everyone was grossed out and nobody wanted to touch it. Finally, our brothers’ friend, Nico, picked it up and tossed it into the grass. Ella and I decided it was not a safe spot for the worm.  We took the worm to a safer spot in Ella’s yard and made a little dirt home for him. We told my mom and she gave us a book about worms where we learned that worms like to be moist. So Ella got an eye dropper of water and moistened the worm. Eddie, Ella’s brother, named him Willie. Unfortunately, Willie died. But it sparked something inside Ella and I. From then on, we spent hours after school and on weekends gathering worms from sidewalks and puddles.

We established a worm hotel/hospital in my backyard. It gave us something to look forward to every day.

We established a worm hotel/hospital in my backyard. We did it for months. It gave us something to look forward to everyday and made us best friends.

Staying best friends in a pandemic

By Audre and Yanahui, age 9

Third grade? Nuh-uh. It was horrible. We only got to go to school 2 times a week. The rest was on a computer. But now it is fourth grade. A new year. A responsible year. For everyone else. The relief we had at the beginning of fourth grade? We (Audre & Yanahui*pronounced yeah-nah-wee*) were in the same class. We have been besties since kindergarten. We were so happy! Except during Covid 19. We had to wear masks, and use dividers during lunch and snack. DIVIDERS!!

We had to use dividers during lunch and snack. DIVIDERS!!

But we were together…that’s what matters. During the school year, we learned how to draw better from each other, and we decided to help the environment by picking up trash with our classmates. We were reunited!! Then, Omicron hit. Our friendship was strong but people were double masking and things were getting scary. We joined a group at school called Active Citizens. It’s where you help the younger grades during recess. Sadly, we did it on different days. On Tuesday, Yanahui was lonely because Audre was junior-coaching. Audre was lonely while Yanahui was doing it on Thursday. But we all will get through this. We will stand!!!

Finding Happiness in a Pandemic

By Daphne, age 10

It all started when I came home from school and found out we canceled a trip because of a new virus.

At first, the pandemic was a miracle to me.

At first, the pandemic was a miracle to me. I was nervous about the upcoming Art Night. I would have to recite a memorized essay and I was worried about it.

         Now I realize that the pandemic was not a miracle. The news scared me. My family stayed home. My school assignments were virtual. And virtual meetings stressed me out.

         At first, distance learning went well. My teacher was awesome. But the next year was crazy. Sometimes I was sent not-nice messages on the chat.

         This year, my sister and I are being educated by my family. We have a schoolroom, supplies, and a schedule. This year is better. There are no Google Meets and no mean kids.  My anxiety is still here but I have found ways to still have joy. Whenever I read my favorite books, play the piano, write stories, or go outside, the worry goes away. Even though the pandemic has changed our lives, I have found much happiness.

Attention Teachers:

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