What's Your Pandemic Story?

Read the Pandemic Stories of Children All Over the World!

We asked kids to submit their "What's Your Pandemic Story?" and here were their responses...

My pet

By Scarlet, Age 11

During covid, me, my mom and my dad decided to adopt a dog. The next day me, Lola and my mom went to an adoption center that was nearby the Randy Donuts and we wanted to adopt a dog. Next day, we went with my dad who found the perfect dog, Germany. He was seven years old, and he was white with black spots and he was a small dog and he was a Chihuahua mix. We don’t know what his other half is but we do know that he is a half Chihuahua. Then three months later, we found a small stray kitten that was three months old. The cat was also white with black spots but unlike Germany, he was fluffy. So fluffy, and we named him picante. Now picante is even more fluffy and one year later we adopted another dog. She is small and she is super playful. She was eight months old but now she’s a year old and she’s so much more playful. I believe that I will be fine for the rest of the pandemic as long as my pets are with me.

New From Here

By Nina, Age 9

It all started when the first news about the Coronavirus came out. At dinner, my mom announced that we were going to America. Me and my brothers exchanged a look from across the table.

We were leaving in two days without Dad; he had to work. I knew my middle brother Tilden was devastated when he heard this news because his jaw dropped so big you could fit 3 small chicken wings in there.

The next day, I was in my room wondering what I should pack. Then I walked outside. As I was walking, I caught a glimpse of a swimsuit from the corner of my eye and I remembered the bright side about going to America. I could visit my favorite beach. I guess America isn’t all that bad.

The next day, we ate breakfast then went to the airport. Once we got there, we said goodbye to Dad. I knew Tilden was sad when he dragged his feet to the train station. As the train door closed, we all waved goodbye to Dad. Even though it was a hard time for me, I learned that no matter how bad you think things are going to be, there is always going to be a good side to it.

My Baby Cousin

By Keiko, Age 10

In February 2020, my baby cousin, Atsushi (AH-Tsu-Shi) was born. My family here in the U.S was happy. My aunt sent us pictures of Atsushi. We were so excited to meet him, but covid came. Everybody was sad and disappointed. We couldn’t go to Japan during the pandemic. But, we met our family members online. Seeing family online was not that fun. My family members looked small on the screen. I wanted to see my relatives face-to-face. After the pandemic, Atsushi could walk and talk! I was happy and sad. My baby cousin grew up, and I couldn’t see it. Unfortunately, I just have to hope. It is the only thing I can do for now, and I have to hold onto it.

Beep beep beep!
“Mom, the phone’s ringing!” I shout.
“I’ll get it!” my mom answered. She grabbed her phone and listened. I saw my mom smile very widely.
“Who is it?” I asked. My mom held a “Wait, not yet” finger, so I waited for the call to end. After the call, my mom hung up and turned to face me.
“Your aunt just called. She said that you have a new baby sister cousin!”

The Effect of Covid-19

By Addie, Age 11

When covid-19 hit, we all went into quarantine and had to Zoom. Getting up really early in the morning and getting straight onto Zoom was so annoying and also very boring. We couldn’t see our friends or our family at all. It was hard being in quarantine. I was having a hard time learning and it conflicted with higher grades. Right now in sixth grade, math is a little challenging because I didn’t get taught everything I needed to. While I was in quarantine, I didn’t get much work assigned, but I made sure to get the work done if I needed to. In fourth and fifth grade, I never got homework assignments because we worked on all of them in class. I thought that was great! But now in sixth grade, it gives me anxiety knowing how much homework gets assigned. I’ve gotten better but it’s still new to me. So quarantine basically ruined all my learning and now everything is harder for me.

Family time

By Mikaella, Age 9

Once I heard the news that a virus had come to our country, called COVID-19, I thought at first it wasn’t going to be a big deal. But soon, I realized it was serious. Rapidly, we were in quarantine. I was worried and scared that my family and I were going to get sick. Days later, the news was saying that we needed to wear masks and not have gatherings outside our household. I didn’t know what would happen with my
education after hearing that school was soon closed, but was grateful to then have distance learning.  At home, I thought of fun things I could do. I did a LOT of crafts! But, the most fun and cherished thing I did, was spend time with my family. Eventually, I got used to the masks and everything else we had to do. I knew I wasn’t alone and did it all with my family, who helped push me through it. Later on, I got a puppy! Mylo also helped a lot. He helped us not really worry so much!

COVID-19 didn’t really shape up to be as bad as I thought, but hey, I got to spend time with my family. In the end, I learned that there is always a bright light in any difficult situation.

COVID-19 didn’t really shape up to be as bad as I thought, but hey, I got to spend time with my family. In the end, I learned that there is always a bright light in any difficult situation.

Covid activities

By Carolina, Age 10

Do you ever miss life before covid, or longed for something you couldn’t have? I know that I have missed and longed for many things these past few years. Growing up, I never had a care in the world until the pandemic hit. I never experienced anything like it. At first, I was happy! I thought “video games and
infinite sleepovers!” But then, I realized that those tend to get boring after a while. And sleepovers, I couldn’t even do. Something I vaguely remember is my 2nd grade teacher saying, “See you in 4 weeks.” Then, we got the news that we had to stay home for the rest of the year. When I heard that, I went bonkers!  Another thing I longed for were more activities. With all the spare time I had, I wanted to do, well, something. I was already playing soccer, but it was getting boring. Then, I had to move schools! It actually turned out pretty good (and fun), and I ended up on the girl’s basketball team! My life has changed in many different ways over the pandemic, but going through it has taught me how to be a stronger, flexible, more resilient person.


By Lauryn, Age

When my family and I heard about covid-19, and how it could kill thousands of people without a cure, we panicked and like everyone else had to cancel our plans of going places. We were stuck at home, so my family and I made it fun most of the time. We played in our backyard, rollerbladed, and played board games. If we didn’t feel like doing that stuff, we played with our dog Chloe. Unfortunately, Chloe passed away in June of 2020. A few months later, my parents told my brother and I that we were getting a new dog. We were so happy we screamed. After we were done screaming with joy, we got into the car and drove to find a new puppy. After we looked at all of the puppies, we went back home and a week later, we made our decision. We got a boy dog and we named him Mochi after my dad’s favorite dessert!

Covid Birthday

By Lilly, Age 9

When I first heard of covid-19, I was sad because my birthday was a month away. Then my parents had an idea. When my birthday came, my parents put out a sign that said, “Honk for the birthday girl” and about 10-15 people did. That made my day. When I went back outside later, I saw presents near the sign. They were from my neighbors! So my covid-19 birthday wasn’t that bad after all.

Camilla’s Big Move

By Camilla, Age 10

When covid-19 hit, it was March 2020. At first, it was fine. My brother and I were happy we didn’t have school, but after that, we realized this was NOT going to be fun. About two weeks into it, my parents called my mom’s friend who is a realtor, and they announced that we were moving! I was mad at first because I didn’t want to leave my friends, but I was even more mad because I realized I had to repeat third grade. It was because I was always the youngest in my class and it was getting harder. I got all A’s though! So, we toured about three houses a day and at the end, the choice was between two houses. There was one that I really liked, but we didn’t get it. In between our old house and the new one, we had to live in an apartment for a week. After moving, I went to a new school and got to make some awesome new friends. I’m really happy we had to move.

Seeing family abroad

By Maia, Age 10

The day we heard that there was a new virus, my dad went into a full-blown panic mode. We had to wear masks all day, we went into lockdown. The worst of it all was not being able to see my family in France. We had originally planned to go visit, but when covid hit and all the flights were closed, we had no choice but to stay home.

It had already been over a year since we last saw them, and my mom was going into a frenzy. He kept saying that if we didn’t visit our family we would lose the connection we had with them. After about 2 years, we were finally able to see them again. So, all in all, everything turned out well.

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