What's Your Pandemic Story?

Read the Pandemic Stories of Children All Over the World!

We asked kids to submit their "What's Your Pandemic Story?" and here were their responses...

Goodbye to my Best Friend

By Trixie, Age 10

My name is Beatrix but you can call me Trixie. I turned eight in December. Covid started soon after. I got covid in February around the 14th, and then quarantine started. Second grade was awesome! In summer of 2020, my best friend’s dad finally got a job in…Israel. He couldn’t find a job in Oregon because of covid. That means they HAD to move to Israel, but at least we got to have a huge camp-over in their backyard before saying goodbye.

During quarantine, my mom convinced me one Sunday to go to a different school online. On Monday, I said bye to my class and my teacher. On Tuesday, I went to the new school and it was awesome!

Now I’m ten, quarantine is over, and I found my passion: roller derby at Rose City Rollers.

Now I’m ten, quarantine is over, and I found my passion: roller derby at Rose City Rollers. Roller derby is a girl and gender neutral sport. Sorry boys! But if you boys change to they/them or she/her pronouns you can do roller derby. But just a small warning: Be careful of getting injured!

The Days of Zoom School  

By Giselle, Age 10

The first day of Zoom school was not fun or exciting, it was terrible. I didn’t get to play with my friends and it wasn’t easy to make friends on Zoom either. Also I couldn’t even meet any new people, not even one. I couldn’t whisper to my friends because the whole class could hear me, and that would be so embarrassing for me and my friend. My computer was glitching so much I had to text my teacher, “Sorry I can’t join class, it’s very glitchy.” So I had to leave class and do the assignments. I had no idea what they were about. I had to text my teacher what it was about. Then the next day I got on Zoom. There were no problems getting on like glitching or anything. We had math and I got all the questions right. I was so happy! The day was going so great, and if something went wrong, I would get so mad…but nothing bad happened. I also made a new friend at an online recess. Her name is Carrie.

Christmas Hope During the Pandemic

By Sakura, Age 10

On Christmas last year, I really wanted a hoverboard. So when I went downstairs to the living room, I invited my parents to open the presents with me immediately. First, I opened the present that my grandma gave me. It was the Nancy Drew series! I was so excited, I decided to call my grandma and tell her how happy I was that I got Nancy Drew! Next, I decided to open my dad’s gift. It was shaped like a hoverboard! When I looked, the inside was…bubblegum! Silly daddy! He got my hopes up a little too much because my heart was pounding in my ears. I was a little bit sad, I really wanted that hoverboard. All was good in the end though. Because the next thing I knew, I was popping the bubble gum into my mouth, reading the Nancy Drew series. I was ready for Christmas!

There Are Some Good Things

By Noah, Age 10

So covid took a LOT longer than most of us expected it to be. We all thought it would be 2 or 3 weeks. Then 2 or 3 months. How about 2 or 3 YEARS?! It was terrible. People were dying. Schools closed. People ran out of resources. We had to stay home. EVERYBODY WAS FREAKING OUT! Next, people got all paranoid that Covid came from touching things. And then we had to wear these weird things called masks. Then, there were virtual schools. Sure, Zoom made your eyes water and your hands hurt and you were stiff like a board, but at least you learned something. Also, there was no way to hang out or talk to your friends anymore. But actually….there was! You just had to get creative. That just shows that there is always another way, and you can find hope and kindness in everything, even the difficult things.

Before the problems

By Chloe, Age 10

I remember that at the start of this pandemic thing, all my friends would talk about covid. Covid this, covid that, does anyone talk about anything else!? There’s an outbreak in Santa Clara, okay, we get it. Covid is bad but does it have to be our recess subject? It’s just depressing! Now that I think about it, it’s kind of funny. We had to wash our hands so much that mine turned red, like bright red. Then we had to do online school. It is so funny that we thought that this would be over in a month, and guess what? We’re gonna be stuck like this for 2 years! Surprise! There were some good things that happened during covid too. I got a new game and my IPad. Overall, I’ve just been hoping for the best and listening to the good news. I think this kept everyone going through the tough times. I made more friends when I got back to school, and started playing the trumpet and started sports again, like basketball! I think that good things and bad things came out of covid, even though it wasn’t always fun.

My Filipino Friend

By Rafael, Age 9

One day when I was playing FortNite, I was playing random duos to meet new friends or new people. After a few matches a friend joined. So we played random trios, and in the first game, the person didn’t have a mic. Later, the person talked a bit, and he sounded kind of old. I asked if he was an adult, and he said, “Almost a parent…. almost.” After my switch was about to die, I went into my room and got my charger but when I came back my dad was in there and he was like, ”Hoy?” (Hoy is a way to get your attention in the Philippines), “what are you doing?.” He started laughing, and then the random person said, “Are you Filipino too?!? I am Filipino!” Then I added him to my friend list and we started talking about Filipino things and played more. That was fun and I found a new friend!

Feeling alive

By Lewis, Age 9

During the pandemic, I finally decided it was time for me to learn how to ride a bike. As I was getting ready to leave my house, I was getting nervous. Would I fall? Would I be laughed at? Those questions kept popping in my head. When we got to the park, I got on my bike and my parents were holding me. When I had enough balance, my parents pushed me and I was doing it! I was riding the bike! I was so proud of myself to achieve this goal. I patted myself on the back. Fast forward to now. I’m at Santa Monica beach riding like a pro with no hands on the steering wheel. But then I remembered the start of when I first rode my bike. What a great feeling I finally felt alive and went really fast. For the rest of the day, I felt alive.

Pandemic birthday

By Sabrina, Age 10

I was in second grade at the time. The week before quarantine started me and my friends were confident that coronavirus would not take off, so we didn’t wear our masks by choice, and thought people who wore them were crazy. Turns out that the virus was taking off, and I didn’t know because I didn’t watch the news. I was looked at a lot by random kids because I wasn’t wearing a mask. We had no idea that this small virus that we thought would just be the common cold. I never thought it would be like this. The Pandemic officially started on March 16, 2020. My birthday is St. Patrick’s day, March 17. I had to postpone my birthday party for three weeks at first. Then it changed to 1 month. Then 6 months. Then a whole year. I ended up skipping a whole birthday, because of this pandemic.

Pandemic worries

By Ellie, Age: 9

My experience with the pandemic was that I was feeling afraid and scared. I was very afraid that I could never go to school again or this pandemic would never end. I was stuck inside my house starting from the end of 2nd grade all the way until 3rd grade ended. I was very excited at the beginning of 4th grade because I could attend school in person. But our masks still covered our faces. We still had to stay 6 feet apart and keep all the doors open to ventilate all of the rooms. I was really scared that I might catch Covid-19 or the Omicron. I was really worried that I might get Covid. I got sick in the middle of 3rd grade and apparently, I had Covid. The school chose to make an option that people didn’t have to wear their masks outside, but when we were in our classrooms, we had to put on our masks. I was super lucky this year that I got to go to school. I hope to see the pandemic calm down really soon and before next year.

Miracle in hope

By Minhee, Age 10

“Ughhhh! How much longer is this dumb pandemic going to stop! I’m sick of online school!” I whined. “Be patient Minhee, it will get better,” My mom said. I didn’t get how she was so patient! I thought to myself, “We’re all gonna die!!” But, I listened to my mom but had the smallest amount of hope, the existence didn’t feel real. I wasn’t lucky at all, my dad moved to Korea thinking Covid-19 would be better there. I cried and cried and cried having so much hope he would come back…but he never did. That’s when I heard some other bad news. “Honey,” my mom sighed. I found out that my best friends were going back to in-person school and I was going to be left behind! I lost it….I ran out of hope. I knew nothing would get better, I knew my dad wouldn’t come back, I knew my friends were going to leave me. I knew I shouldn’t have listened to my mom. Days to weeks, months to years, and after 2 years, my mom told me I could go back to in-person school. I was delighted!

That’s when I knew, hope is a feeling no one believes in…but the existence of it could make a miracle come true.

That’s when I knew, hope is a feeling no one believes in…but the existence of it could make a miracle come true.

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