How to Participate in the NEW FROM HERE What's Your Pandemic Story? Student Publishing Opportunity!

Deadline - March 25, 2022


About the NEW FROM HERE Student Writing Publishing Opportunity:

On Feb 2, 2022, I read the first chapter of my newest novel NEW FROM HERE out-loud on Youtube Live for World Read Aloud. I was so moved by all the emails I received from students and it got me thinking: NEW FROM HERE is my pandemic story, but I want to hear yours!

I am delighted to announce a publishing opportunity for student writing!


We’ve all been through so much together and I want to give kids the opportunity to look back and reflect on their experience of these extraordinary times. This is a FREE opportunity, open to all teachers of students under 18 years old, living anywhere in the world!

If you would like to participate, ask your students to write a short piece on their pandemic experience. Here are the rules:

-Max 200 words -- we are unable to consider longer pieces.
-Must be a work of narrative nonfiction (we are not looking for fiction)
-Must be the student's original work
-If the student's work is selected for publication, parental consent is required for publication.

The theme of this project is hope, so we are looking for stories that fit in this theme. Here are some possible topics: Staying connected, Pastimes, Pets, Overcoming Adversity, and Funny stories!

Each class is allowed to submit five stories for consideration. You may vote on the best stories as a class or the teacher may select the best stories. Only the teacher may email the selected stories to us. If you are homeschooled, your parent may submit your story to us.

We reserve the right to make the final publication decision. Please be mindful that we take privacy very seriously and will ONLY publish a work with a child's first name and age. Please do not include identifying details, such as school name, street, town, or other identifying information in your story -- if those are included in the submission, we will edit them out. Please do not send stories that include details that might breach family privacy or hurt another individual's feelings. We want to encourage kids, as much as possible, to keep to theme of hope.

For tips and advice on teaching Writing A Pandemic Story, please subscribe to Kelly Yang's Youtube channel and newsletter, as she will be releasing videos with writing advice!

After your students finish writing, please send your chosen class short stories WITH the parent consent form filled out and signed for each story to:

The best entries will be published on my website!

EACH WEEK 10 participating classes will be selected at random to win a copy of NEW FROM HERE from now until March 4 – we will raffle on 2/18, 2/25, and 3/4.


You must enter through your teacher! Please tell your teacher about this opportunity!

Check my website frequently to read all the pandemic stories from children all over the world. One day, we’ll look back and all our stories together will make up our COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE.

Looking for inspiration for your students?

Check out my first chapter of NEW FROM HERE here for inspiration! You may read it aloud to your class or show your class my Youtube Live read aloud video!

This is my pandemic story about moving halfway across the world with my kids. It comes out on March 1st. Hope you use it as a jumping start for your students to work on their stories! Happy writing!

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