Pandemic worries

By Ellie, Age: 9

My experience with the pandemic was that I was feeling afraid and scared. I was very afraid that I could never go to school again or this pandemic would never end. I was stuck inside my house starting from the end of 2nd grade all the way until 3rd grade ended. I was very excited at the beginning of 4th grade because I could attend school in person. But our masks still covered our faces. We still had to stay 6 feet apart and keep all the doors open to ventilate all of the rooms. I was really scared that I might catch Covid-19 or the Omicron. I was really worried that I might get Covid. I got sick in the middle of 3rd grade and apparently, I had Covid. The school chose to make an option that people didn’t have to wear their masks outside, but when we were in our classrooms, we had to put on our masks. I was super lucky this year that I got to go to school. I hope to see the pandemic calm down really soon and before next year.