Pandemic puppy

By Ellie, age 10

January 3rd 2020. “Dad, mom, can we please get a puppy?” I asked my parents.

“Your dad and I have been looking for puppies & we found one we really like but he’s in Arizona,” my mom finished.

“So I’m going to drive to go get him.” Dad said.

“You HAVE to take me!” I whined. “I have wanted a dog for ages!!” 

I have wanted a dog for ages!

“We’ll see, we are going to Facetime with him soon. Yes we have told your siblings. Come upstairs in 2 minutes.” Dad says.

2 minutes later. “Awww he’s sooo cute!” said Jackie, my sister.

“Look at him chasing his tail!” my brother Teddy said.

30 minutes later. “Get in the car girls. We are going to get to the hotel at 12-ish.” Dad said to me & Jackie.

6 hours later. “Dad, I’m tired.” whined Jackie.

“I know Jackie, but we’re here, finally,” Dad said, exasperated.

Finally we got the new dog and we were on our way home!

When we got home we named the dog Kingsley because he is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mixed with a poodle. After having Kingsley for 3 weeks we found out that my dad got COVID from getting him. But it was worth it.