Pandemic Patio

By Macey, Age 9

I can’t remember much about the day it all happened, but what I can remember is that I didn’t want to say goodbye to my friends. The one thing I can fully remember about Covid 19 is the Pandemic Patio. It was a few days after Covid struck and school closed when I had the idea.

It was a hot, sunny day and like always, I was bored, and hungry too. So, I decided to make a restaurant in my backyard. I knew I wouldn’t have too many customers because of Covid, but I hoped it would be lots of fun.

When I started the menu, I made sure everything someone might decide to order was there, including: sodas, sandwiches, guacamole and chips, snacks like apple and banana slices, strawberries and so on. When I finished the menu, I set up the backyard and put out some picnic blankets and chairs. It was finally time to gather everyone in the backyard and start to make the food.

My family had no other choice because of quarantine. There was nowhere else to go. It turned out that everyone loved the food, a lot. The world may never be so simple again.