Pandemic pandemonium

By Anne, Age 13

The students rush the school as the news overwhelms the halls. I walked in silence. Hope’s wrinkles come out as if to warn me of her tantrum about to occur. I watch her get lost in the crowd as she trips and falls, banging her head against the lockers as she goes down. I stay, stampeding with the crowd as we go to the gym to gather our belongings. The mixed emotions had hushed by the time I got back to the classroom, but, oddly enough, the thunderous noises weren’t making me nervous, the quiet was. I sat there thinking of the possible situations that could take place. Hope came walking in with tears down her cheeks just in time for Mr. Mattsson’s doubtful sentence. “It’ll only be two weeks!” Mr. Mattsson said with a worried smile on his face. Little did we all know the panic that would soon erupt us would take more than two weeks to settle.

we can never lose hope!

However, we can never lose hope!