Pandemic Hit

By Lee, age 11

March 13, 2019 1 day before the pandemic, 

A rumor was going around that I thought was not true but a few days later I figured out that that rumor was true for the whole world. The next day on the tv there were people fighting over toilet paper and hand sanitizers which was crazy but then the news said the most surprising thing in my life. They showed how many people have died and it was crazy. Then they started to say what hit… the pandemic . It was covid 19!  After that we decided to go to the store and everything was gone probably because no one knew what was coming, not even me. Next time we went we all had to wear masks and people were dying more frequently . We were all scared because we didn’t know what was happening or when it was going to end. After a few months we all started to settle down because we thought that it was going to end, but no it didn’t. We all did start to understand it but it was not finished and 2 years later this is the world we live in.