Pandemic Friends Forever

By Jameson, Age 10

Me and my best friend, Lilian, have been best friends since first grade when I moved here to Hampton, VA. Then we got far into second grade. The pandemic hit and it seemed we would be out of school. Then it got extended to a week, then a month, then the rest of the year! I thought I would never see her again, then third grade came and I got on Zoom. She was in the same class, and in the morning class like me! It was crazy, we then went through the year together. We are now in fourth grade, still in the same class like when we first met. Even better, I have a friend I haven’t seen since second grade in the same class as me! Overall, Lilian and I have been together for a while and I hope even through high school. My other friend got separated in second grade. So I believe you should never give up when you get separated. And when you are together, enjoy it while it lasts!