Over the Moon

By Ayaana, Age 11

Over the Moon is a novel that shows courage and kindness. This book is about a girl named Mallie and how she wants to be a hero to her brother and her parents. Mallie has to be a maid at the Tumbrel’s house to earn feathersworth for her family. One day, the guardians came to take Mallie’s brother, Denver away. Denver would have to go back into those dark, dangerous mines. Mallie loved Denver though, and didn’t want him to get taken away. Luckily, Mallie found a flier that would save her brother, and would earn her family some money. The only problem was that Mallie was a girl. That didn’t stop her, even though girls weren’t really allowed to do these dangerous jobs. Fortunately, Mallie is also with her best friend, Adam, who will always be on her side. She also meets a star bird that Mallie names Leo, who is her true hero and ally. Mallie soon comes upon Honor Trumbel, who tries to hurt her and Adam. But nothing will ever stop Mallie, Not even Honor Tumbrel. Mallie is a brave person, and everyone believes that she will be able to save her little brother.

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