Out of My Mind

By Aleigha, Age 9

Out of My Mind is a big deal to me; it makes me feel seen. My cousin, Molly, had cerebral palsy and the girl in Out of My Mind has cerebral palsy, and that makes me feel seen and it makes me happy for Molly and it tells people how hard it is, and it’s not easy. Also she passed away a few years ago.

It makes me happy because I was scared to tell people because I thought they would make fun of her having cerebral palsy, but now people know. Now I can tell people about her without them laughing.

Most of my classmates know now and that makes me feel good because I love my cousin and even though she is in heaven doesn’t mean anything to me, she is still with me, in my heart. Out of My Mind is a really good book to get to know how hard cerebral palsy is. It makes me feel seen a lot. I want to cry about it. People know that it is really hard and I am happy about that. 

So I’m glad my teacher read that book. I hope people get it now, especially people who don’t know. 

Thank you

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