Our Dog Smokey

By Charlie, Age 11

I looked at the clock…only 15 minutes passed, but it felt like it had been an eternity. I heard of COVID-19 for a couple of weeks, but it seemed like it came out of nowhere. I had nothing to do, and I couldn’t see my friends because of the lockdown. I was really starting to wish I had a brother. My little sister had been begging my parents to let us get a dog; it wouldn’t be the same. Little did I know, it would be way better than I imagined.

I woke up, and before long, the doorbell rang. My mom went to open it, and it was the people taking care of Smokey, a Havanese dog, that my family were considering adopting.  

After hour, the people left, and we were set to meet them and take home Smokey in about three days. 

After three days passed, we went to meet them and brought home Smokey. Smokey took a little while to get used to my family, but once he did, he was very playful. He was always up for running around in the backyard.