Our Backup Plan

By Jessica, Age 9

When I was in second grade I woke up on a saturday morning  and my mom was already working out in the gym. I went upstairs and my dad was talking with my brother Harrison. They were talking about some virus called COVID-19

My mom rushed up the stairs exclaiming, “We need to be ready for what can come next from covid!” I was shocked by how she shouted and said she was going to shower and go get groceries. About two hours later, we heard “ Brian!” My mom screamed, that was my dad’s name. We all ran to the garage. She came into the house with six grocery bags on her arms, three on each. We all helped carry the groceries in, but when we looked in the bags we were in shock, tons and tons of canned foods and three whole packs of toilet paper were stuffed in the bags.

Thankfully, now here in fourth grade, I heard from my friend that we would take off our masks outside by next week. Also, I hope that maybe in the future it would be optional to wear a mask inside and I am very thankful for that.