Online school

By Georgia, Age 9

It was nearing the end of March, when one day my parents told me and my siblings that we couldn’t go to school, or really anywhere, because of this thing they were calling Covid-19. At first I didn’t really get it, but as they explained, I started to understand what Covid-19 was and why everything was shutting down. For a while, we were just at home. Then people started to realize that Covid-19 wasn’t a one week thing and that’s when we started online school.  When we first started online school, I sort of liked it. I got to hang out at home and I could ask my parents for help. But, eventually I started to get bored, I missed my friends and my siblings were driving me crazy!  After a few months, they finally let us go back to school. But not too long after we were back to online school and it’s been going on like this, switching from online to in person school for the last 2 years.