North, South, East, West

By Alexandra, Age 9

From north to south, to east, to west, there was Covid everywhere. I found out about Covid, the night of January 29, 2020 and I was staying at my grandparent’s home. Suddenly my grandpa turned on the Global News, and to my surprise, I heard someone announcing, “There’s a new virus out and it is called Covid-19.” I rapidly switched my spot next to Mira (my grandparent’s dog) to the couch (which was right next to the TV) then my heart stopped beating as the lady on the news said that my school was closing. Then I spoke as nervously as humanly possible, “It’s closed by a virus! I’ll have to Facetime them!” After a while, I realized I wasn’t going back to school, and this was going to be the last sleepover with my grandparents until this horrid virus is gone. Was there any hope? A couple months later we got a puppy named Seamus. He was cream colored and weighed 8 pounds, at least he gave me and my family hope.