Nina Soni, Former Best Friend

By Tanisha, Age 10

In all the books I read, there’s usually an American main character. With the book Nina Soni, Former Best Friend it’s actually about an Indian girl, who pretty much lives the same life as me. She’s got Indian parents, a pretty hard time with friends and feels like a clumsy mess from time-to-time. I chose this book because I feel like I’m a clumsy mess from time-to-time and a friend of mine is starting to spend time with a different person and I feel a little left out. This relates to the story because Nina’s best friend Jay is spending more time with his cousin then her and she feels left out too. She is an Indian American like me and enjoys science. I have a lot of interests like her and I think we would make great friends. I truly feel like the whole series is something I can relate to and there should be more than just American main characters. Anybody can be a main character, and you’re the main character of your story.

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