New From Here

A Heartwarming Story Of Hope

Perfect for class discussions about our collective experience during these extraordinary times!

From the New York Times bestselling author of Front Desk comes a poignant middle grade novel about courage, hope, and resilience as an Asian American boy fights to keep his family together during the initial outbreak of the coronavirus.

When the coronavirus hits Hong Kong, ten-year-old Knox Wei-Evans’s mom makes the last-minute decision to move him and his siblings back to California, where they think they will be safe. Suddenly, Knox has two days to prepare for an international move—and for leaving his dad, who has to stay for work.

At his new school in California, Knox struggles with being the new kid. His classmates think that because he’s from Asia, he must have brought over the virus. At home, Mom just got fired and is panicking over the loss of health insurance, and Dad doesn’t even know when he’ll see them again, since the flights have been cancelled. And everyone struggles with Knox’s blurting-things-out problem.

As racism skyrockets during COVID-19, Knox tries to stand up to hate, while finding his place in his new country. Can you belong if you’re feared; can you protect if you’re new? And how do you keep a family together when you’re oceans apart? Sometimes when the world is spinning out of control, the best way to get through it is to embrace our own lovable uniqueness.

Set during the pandemic, NEW FROM HERE pays tribute to the ingenuity of teachers, the importance of community and the resilience and courage of children!




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"Yang again demonstrates her talent for honest, age-appropriate storytelling from a child’s perspective that both entertains and educates. A compelling story that conveys the importance of showing love and kindness, especially during hard times. Highly recommended for all middle-grade collections."

ALA Booklist, starred review

"A pandemic book that is also a story of the importance of family, friendship, and standing up for what is right; another knockout from Yang."

--School Library Journal, starred review

"Yang deftly touches on complex issues including China–Hong Kong relations, racism, the grief of separation and dislocation, and the pandemic, all while maintaining a hopeful tone. A timely and compelling family journey.."

--Kirkus Reviews

“This book will keep readers turning pages, if not for its recognizable elements than for its ability to transmit the love and strength of a family under duress in an unusual time...highly recommended"

--School Library Connection

"Narrating from Knox’s approachable, first-person-present perspective, Yang adeptly maintains a sense of hope and belief in love, balancing haunting dramatic irony...with moments of levity as the family works to be reunited."

--Publishers Weekly

“This is a timely mid-grade must-have and a story that needs to be told.” 


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