New From Here

By Chrystal, Age 11

Nothing felt quite the same after COVID-19 hit. To make things even worse, my family decided to move. My first words, steps, friends, mistakes, and anger, it all happened here. My memories were here: I couldn’t leave them behind.

I couldn’t walk anywhere without fear because of the Asian Hate Crimes. Fear of being pushed down under the subway tracks, of being punched in the face, just for being Chinese-American. But what hurt me the most was knowing that there were people in the world who felt that it was OK to discriminate. 

All hope seemed lost, until I stumbled upon New From Here by Kelly Yang. Knox (the main character,) had to move overseas during the pandemic, and struggled with Asian Hate. He was hurt with sibling rivalry, something I can relate to. 

It felt like the empty seat next to me was filled in the Theatre of Worry, and left the House of Hate to join the Skyscraper of Love. 

I guess sometimes you can’t see the bustling people around you, sitting in an endless dark night, until a book, the sun, rises again.

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