New From Here

By Noah, Age 10

In 2022, I read a book called New From Here by Kelly Yang. This book made me feel finally seen because it’s about an Asian boy like me who immigrated to America. Most books are about White kids, but this book really connects with me and my family. This book made me feel like there is actually somebody out there that’s like me. Sometimes I feel like I am not heard, but this book has really made me see my true self, and it taught me to be proud of who I am and not care what others think about me. Reading a book that has a character with the same interests, race, gender, and experience makes me feel comforted because having somebody who understands how you feel can make me feel more acknowledged. I have a sister like Knox, and I feel like I am living almost the same story as him. I relate to Knox because he has good ideas, but in America it’s not easy to share them because he doesn’t know anybody. When I’m in school, sometimes I have ideas, but I can’t find a way to express them. Knox really understands who I am.

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