New From Here

By Jiya, Age 9

The book that has made me finally seen is New From Here. This book made me feel seen because the family has to go from China to the U.S. and it made me think of my parents when they traveled from India to the U.S. The main character Knox and her three siblings had to leave their dad behind in China and my parents had to leave their family behind when they moved to the U.S. This book talks about Covid 19 and it makes me remember when we had to wear a mask and online school. New From Here talks about a lot of adventures in life like sad and happy. The main character Knox, is like me, like when me, my mom, and my brother had to go to India and we had to leave our dad behind. I have never seen a character so confident and proud, especially leaving their dad behind. I love how all of them support each other, kind of like when I supported my brother to do a speech. New From Here is a great book overall.

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