My Filipino Friend

By Rafael, Age 9

One day when I was playing FortNite, I was playing random duos to meet new friends or new people. After a few matches a friend joined. So we played random trios, and in the first game, the person didn’t have a mic. Later, the person talked a bit, and he sounded kind of old. I asked if he was an adult, and he said, “Almost a parent…. almost.” After my switch was about to die, I went into my room and got my charger but when I came back my dad was in there and he was like, ”Hoy?” (Hoy is a way to get your attention in the Philippines), “what are you doing?.” He started laughing, and then the random person said, “Are you Filipino too?!? I am Filipino!” Then I added him to my friend list and we started talking about Filipino things and played more. That was fun and I found a new friend!