New Country

By Matthew, Age 10

One day, I heard my parents saying, “Let’s go to Canada and let our kids learn more English.” But
then COVID started. My family was watching the news when the news reporter said, “There is a
new virus called COVID-19.” I was so confused. At night I started thinking, “Am I gonna die?”
After a few months we were packing our things to move from Hong Kong to Canada. I was so
excited, but at the same time, sad because I was going to miss my cousins, aunts, uncles, and
grandparents. The next day, we were ready to go to the airport, but then I realized my dad was
not packing up to go. I just thought that his luggage must already be in the car, so I didn’t worry
too much. At the airport I learned that my dad was not coming with us. I started to cry until I
learned that my dad was going to visit soon. We got on the plane. I was scared I was going to
get COVID when my mom told me we were going to be on the plane for 13 hours! But my
family is safe today.