New Beginnings

By Natasha, Age 10

Everything changed so fast, my pets that I loved so dearly were sent away to some stranger’s house. All of my possessions, childhood books, art pieces, everything was packed away in cardboard boxes. Only a few pieces of furniture are left, so when my dad came back to Malaysia to work, he would still be able to live in this home. My emotions and memories exploded in my head, some twirling and floating, and some
slammed against me recklessly like wrecking balls. I sat on my chair hopelessly, waiting for tomorrow to
come, so I can escape the sadness and loneliness trapped inside of this apartment. Since the pandemic began, we were stuck in out homes, fear poisoning our hearts. Once we decided to move back to China, my home country, everything changed. Plans were made, ten or more tickets were booked just in case one of them is canceled. Despite the chaos, I realized something. Once I move, it will be a chance to start fresh, a new beginning and a time for hope.