Never Lose Hope

By Pranit, age 7

It is hardly possible to find someone whose life is not affected by COVID 19. It has changed everyone’s life. It has taught everybody a lesson whether it is a child, young or an adult. This time was harsh on my family too as one day when I came down and found that all my family members were sitting in the drawing room and were very much tense. When I asked them the reason, they said that my grandfather was infected with COVID 19. I felt shocked and couldn’t speak anything. I started crying when I came to know that his condition was critical. But my whole family is very optimistic, so they took this situation positively and didn’t leave hope. We admitted him to the hospital. My parents advised me to enchant gayatri mantra and I did the same. To my surprise, on the fifth day my grandfather was discharged from hospital. Now he was fine, and doctors said that it was a miracle. My prayers were answered, and I learnt a lesson too to never give up hope, God listens to your pure heart.

My prayers were answered, and I learned a lesson too to never give up.

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