Neighborhood Cats!

By River, Age 13

It was around June or July of 2020 when it all started. My dad’s girlfriend just moved into my house with her kids. And they brought two indoor cats. One day, I saw a black cat. Then the next day, I saw it again. My brothers Oliver, Keller, and I thought it would be a good idea to put some food out for it and so we did. The cat pranced along and the cat saw the food. We were glaring at the cat eating the food. We tried to encounter it while sitting down. The cat was scared at first, but then it came to us, and just sat in our lap. Afterwards, a white and orange cat showed up too. It looked like a cute, fluffy, kitten! We also had three cats of our own that were outside cats: Dusty, Chip, and Metro. Unfortunately, the next winter Metro passed away. But Metro lived a long peaceful life and we loved her. We still feed and love our outdoor cats, including the ones we rescued, and we give them a warm, cozy, shelter for the winter.