Nat Enough

By Adam, age 12

Maria Scrivan’s book, Nat Enough made me feel “finally seen” because I have always felt a little out of place from my friends and classmates.  I have felt like I am not interested in things that are “cool” or popular, instead I am part of the progressive activist community.  Like Nat, at the beginning of middle school, one of my friends “ghosted me,” because she wanted to be cool and popular.  And just like Nat, I tried, and failed, to get her back.  It made for a challenging school year, but as I progressed, I built on my passion and started to find some other friends who were like me.

The things that I am interested in are not usually front and center in the minds of other children.  I particularly like to organize for progressive causes that are in my heart and really enjoy doing art for these causes. Nat’s love of art and her extreme focus while working on her art really spoke to me and made me feel seen.

Like Nat, when I started Middle School, one of my closest friends decided to “ghost me.”  That made starting middle school very stressful, and I couldn’t figure out why my friend no longer wanted to be around me.  Nat’s struggles with this, and her failed attempts to get her friend back, reflected my own experience like a mirror.

But just like Nat, I ultimately found my way through the ups and downs of middle school.  Like her, I became closer to other classmates who shared my interests.  We made art and appreciated each other’s talents. 

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