My Vaccination

By Vira, Age 7

Today, I am getting my vaccination. At first, I was very scared and when I got into the clinic, I am even more scared. The doctor who’s giving me my vaccine saw that I was quite nervous, so he comforted me and said that he’s going to give me the softest vaccine without any feeling. He said it would be like a mosquito bite, it wouldn’t hurt at all. I was not really sure about that though. When the doctor gave me the vaccine, the pain hit me and I knew that the doctor is just comforting me, so I sat there, still as a statue, waiting for the doctor to pull out the needle. Then I realized that actually it was only me being too nervous, which is why I felt the pain when the doctor stuck in the needle. Actually it doesn’t even hurt. But then, I found out that I was wrong. The pain started again when I sat there waiting for the doctor to allow me to go. After a while, the doctor allowed us to go, and we went back home.