My Unique Self

By Joy, Age 12

I was finally seen as a person of my own. Before I was trying to blend in the crowd. I was not being my own person. I let friends take me down. I felt alone before.

In third grade, one girl in my class was becoming popular (and still is but I don’t care). She and some other girls were trying to be the queens of the third grade. They let me join in but then, they started leaving me out of stuff.

Then in fifth grade, I had a whole new friend group that was fun but was leaving me out of stuff. For example: when I was not hanging out with them, they were doing stuff I like without me and when I confronted them they were doing something else.

Now in sixth grade, I feel like I belong here with my true friends that don’t leave me out like a baby. So you can finally be seen as your own person.

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