My School Experience in a Pandemic

By Ellen, Age 9

In late May, I was 7, and had to do all of my school work from home because of Covid. When this happened, my mom worked in retail. However, in retail you work around a lot of people so she did not want me to be around her. My grandpa is retired, so I stayed with him. In the beginning, it was easy. We had little work because they thought we would be back in 2 weeks or so. Then, the time expanded and they finally said there would be no in-person school for the rest of the year. At first, I was happy, but then it got really hard. I was not doing the work on time. But then we made a system where I could not go outside until I finished a certain amount of work. It worked for a while, but then my mom had a surgery and that is where it all went downhill. Again, I was not doing the work and things were bad. Thankfully my teacher was really understanding and said that I could pass. I am nine now and doing great.